Glenda Powers

This is my Tamer Story!  For 5 years I have been going to many medical doctors for the excruciating, debilitating pain I have from my waist down. I have had many tests done and a lot of radiation. I have spent over 60k out of my own pocket. I've been given many pain pills and I was on Valium, Morphine and Oxycodone. I was either so high on pain pills or I was in severe pain even with the medication. I could no longer walk, stand or sit. If I went anywhere I had to use a wheelchair, even that was extremely painful. I spent about 95% of my day in bed. I got up to 201 lbs. (no problem eating). I hadn't driven a car for 8 months.   I lost my business but most of all, I lost my life. I thought of suicide every day, all day but I didn't want to hurt my daughter that way.  My wonderful daughter found Tamer Gurmen through the police academy that he was teaching at. She questioned him to see if he could help me.  He made no promises other than to see me. Within 5 minutes he figured out how to help me. Did I mention 5 years I have been seeing doctors with no diagnosis???  Tamer is extremely knowledgeable about the human body. I felt very comfortable and hopeful. There was significant improvement with the first treatment so I decided to continue treatments. I have come a long way in just two months. I still have a ways to go but it took 5 years to get that locked up. I'm now walking short distances, I'm cooking again, my social life is picking up and I'm driving (vroom vroom)! I have lost 25 lbs. I can't wait to see what amazing thing 2016 has in store for me.  Invest in your health, without it you have nothing. Tamer literally saved my life and I can't thank him enough!




Josh Everett 3rd place crossfit games 2007, 2nd place crossfit games 2008

"Tamer is the man... he understands the movements/positions we need to get into as crossfitters and he has a whole bag of tools to get us there. Give this man 5minutes and he can improve your mobility which will improve your mechanics and relieve pain."


Ryan H. San Diego, CA

Tamer is a magician!I have a history of lower back pain, and lost most of my mobility a week before an ultramarathon.  4 days before the race, I couldn't bend over far enough to put on my socks.  Then I went to my first session with Tamer, and in 90 minutes I had full range of motion back and went on to PR a 50 miler that weekend.  

Tamer's pratical knowledge is incredible, and he does a fantastic job explaining everything he is doing.  He is approachable and does a great job of evaluating my symptoms and attacking problem areas.  And he's helped me become much smarter about my own body and how the skeletomuscle groups are interconnected.  Regular sports massage therapies are now a part of my fitness plan and allow me to get the best out of crossfit and endurance workouts.

Peter T. Coronado, CA

I came to Tamer with patellar tendonitis in my knee as well as tennis elbow.  In a single one-hour session he reduced the pain in each of these spots by more than 50% and I am now on the road to recovery.  He's got some serious magic in those hands. Tamer has my unconditional endorsement.  If you have any bothersome physical issue, do yourself a favor and give Tamer a call.

Kaitlyn H. Coronado, CA

I have been very happy with every session I have had with Tamer.  He was able to figure out the source of a three month nagging back injurythat was preventing me to do alot of my activities that other massage therapists and accupunturists could not.  He is great with giving at home exercises so you can help the healing process in between sessions. His knowledge is very in depth and you will definitely see results and improvement even after just one session with him!

Ally C. Johnstown, PA
I'd give more stars if it were possible! The only bad thing I can say here is that I wish I had met Tamer sooner. My job in the military is very physically demanding. I've seen numerous number of massage therapists, physical therapist, ortho surgeons over the last decade. None of them offered the amount of mobility I've had with Tamer. He truly understands the requirements of athletes. I love that he takes to time to educate me on why these issue occur so I can prevent & treat them for the future before they become debilitating. He's improved my performance as a tactical athlete. Thanks for getting me back in the game! Can't wait till our next session!
M D. Coronado, CA
Tamer is awesome! I had a frozen shoulder for the last 4 months. Tamer has helped me, even though it can be painful at times, to have an almost full range of motions back. He is very diligent and detail-minded, After one of my sessions, I didn't even make it back home, and already in my in-box was all the exercises that I needed to do at home. I am a very happy client of Tamer's.


 Jason A. Coronado, CA

I highly endorse Tamer and his approach to Therapy.  I came to Tamer with significant mobility issues stemming from 20 years of desk work.  Tamer's results oriented approach made an immediate difference.  This was critical not only from a performance perspective, but also to prevent injury due to inability to perform exercises/lifts correctly.  If you are thinking about taking on a new exercise regime, or looking to extend your participation in your current activities, I highly recommend that you add regular sessions with Tamer to your preventive maintenance practice.


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